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Wings Etc. Renovation & Addition

Project/Store Name:
Bluffton, IN
Job Number:
Plan Revision #:
Project Manager:
Jeremy Bergunder - OFFICE: (317) 644-1347 ; FAX: (317) 841-0701 ; EMAIL:
Bluffton, Indiana
This is a renovation and an addition to an existing space located at 657 North Main St. in Bluffton, IN.

The site is available for inspection. Contact Jeremy Bergunder directly to obtain approval and lock box code.
Bid Deadline:
03/10/2016 at 5:00 pm EST

Project Files and Notes...

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Project Notes:
UPDATE 5/26/16 - Revised link to the drawings to ensure everyone is working from the same set. Please click link above to view and download the FINAL DRAWING SET.

Please contact Jeremy Bergunder with any RFI's or questions about this project. Phone: 317-644-1347, ext. 101, Email:

Pay special attention to the bid notes included as pages G-0.02 and G-0.03 of the drawings. Links above for drawings and site photos.

Updated Site Plan showing new 6" water line was added 3/2/16.